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United Kingdom: offerte di lavoro

Recruitment of Persons from the European Union for work within Residential Care Homes for the Elderly
in the United Kingdom.

Proposed Types of Personnel

Seasonal Workers

University Students (general studies) – working holiday (good knowledge of English)

University Nursing Students – working holiday & care experience (good knowledge of English)
Experience seeking Workers

Qualified nurses who wish to gain further experience in their profession in another country. Care Home work would be particularly suitable for those who need to enhance their spoken and written English skills before commencing hospital work. Here the nurse can undertake basic nursing care in another country without the pressure of using specialist nursing knowledge. By gaining experience within the UK health and social care industry and building upon their English language, Care Homes provide a sound foundation on which to build a nursing career in the UK.

General Workers

• Persons with a care background who are seeking work within the UK

• Those persons seeking to gain a Care Worker qualification such as National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in Health & Social Care.

All workers will gain language skills by working and living in the UK, and we will give assistance in providing courses where possible to improve English language skills.

General Employment Details

• Hours of work – 40 hours per week

• Annual Leave – 5 weeks + 1 day inclusive of Public Holidays

• Flexible working – internal rotation including day and night work

• Probationary period 26 weeks

• Short contracts (temporary) or permanent positions available

• Salary – Minimum wage £5.73 for those over 22 years old but salary will depend upon the experience of the individual

• Shared Accommodation – approx. £250 per month (to be paid by the employee – deducted from salary)

• Food and general living expenses to be paid for by employee

Contact Persons:

Laura Robustini: [email protected]

Graziella Massi: [email protected]

Entro il 30 giugno 2009.

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